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      Proper Coding for Drug Screens:

G-0479 Presumptive Drug Test(s), any number of drug classes by INSTRUMENTED CHEMISTRY ANALYZERS. not to be used by Desktop strip analyzers.

G -0480 Definitive Drug Test(s)  to be used for mid-complexity lab testing (including some LC/MS tests)

G-0482 Definitive Drug Test(s) including LC/MS includes specimin validity tests, and quantitative testing. 15-21 tests.

G-0483 Definitive Drug Test(s) Includes LC/MS includes specimin validity testing 22 or more metabolites & drug classes.

DO NOT bill under the individual codes for LC/MS or GC/MS testing in a physician office lab setting unless you have specific instrumentation to do so.

      Red Flag Practices:

- LC-MS & GC-ME "tests" at the "Physician Office Lab",

- Semi-Qualitive screening tests billed as confirmatory,

 quantitative or definitive tests,

- Routine overuse of confirmatory testing,

- Direct submission to confirmatory testing without any prior screening.

- Drug testing of 2 different specimens on the same     patient on the same day of service.

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